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LEVONA – (Olibanum) – A school of Anthroposophic Psychotherapy in Israel

What is spiritual approach in Psychotherapy?

Anthroposophy brings to the therapeutic process a whole, deep, rich and dynamic picture of the Human being.

The spiritual being incarnates to Earth from the spiritual world – and carries its Individual destiny, while its mission is self-development and transformation.


How is the therapeutic process influenced by the life-philosophy of the therapist?

Every aspect of the therapeutic process is nourished directly or indirectly by the life philosophy of the therapist – whether the therapist is aware or unaware of it.

Rudolf Steiner, an Austrian thinker and Philosopher (1861-1925), layed the basis for a different Psychology, which sees man as a being of body, soul and spirit – and which acknowledges the possibility of emotional and spiritual development throughout life.


Certification studies in Anthroposophic Psychotherapy for therapists:

  4 years training course (5 weekends X 4 years) or 2 years training course (weekly meetings of 4 hours).

The course is intended for therapists, and enables its graduates to incorporate into their therapeutic work knowledge and understanding of Anthroposophy.

Graduates are skilled to help clients in their spiritual development, in identifying their life purpose and in deepening their understanding of their Karma – as well as cultivating their emotional abilities.

What is learned?

Graduates will receive therapeutic tools to work with depression, anxiety, lack of meaning, addictions, couple issues, personality disorders and more. Students will receive supervision and will present their case-studies.

Biography: Development in infancy, childhood and adulthood.

The four fold human development (Physical body, life body, soul body and the "I"). Temperaments. Soul types. Soul forces and their connection to body systems, and more. Introduction of Anthroposophic Medicine. Experiential lessons in Eurhythmy,Art therapy, Rhythmic massage, Curative Eurhythmy, music therapy, Psychopathology.

We work a lot on the therapeutic process and on therapist-client relationships in the light of spiritual perspective of man.

Our group of students have a warm and informal atmosphere. We cook and have lunch together every meeting. Students having different connections and supporting each other in different ways.

We have meetings with the people who are responsible for therapies in Waldorf schools: We create different kinds of cooperation. That enables more therapists – both stuff members in the schools and parents – to hear about "Levona", and enable our students – already and more in the future – to work therapeutically with the waldorf people.

We are in a process of receiving accreditation from the IFAPA- the international organization of Anthroposophic Psychotherapy


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